Introducing the first bionic clothing for mobility impairment

the cionic neural sleeve™

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Benefits of Use
Improve Walking
Increase Strength &
Range of Motion
Facilitate Muscle
FDA Cleared &
Scientifically Validated
Non-Invasive &
Drug Free
How does the Cionic Neural Sleeve™ work?

Continuous Motion Analysis

Sophisticated sensors continuously monitor your movement in real-time to evaluate muscle firing and limb position.


Functional Electrical Stimulation

Personalized algorithms deliver functional electrical stimulation to activate the necessary muscles precisely coordinated to your gait cycle.

Care Personalized to You

The Cionic Neural Sleeve is controlled by the Cionic app, allowing you to easily customize your mobility treatment, gain insight into your progress, and share data with your healthcare team.

Research Studies Demonstrate Significant Gait Improvement
of participants experienced increased ankle dorsiflexion at heel strike
of participants experienced reduced ankle inversion during swing
average improvement to drop foot across all participants
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