Powerful Resources to Advance Your Research

The Cionic Research Kit provides end-to-end support for your human mobility research.

Our research tools enable your research group to conduct multiple simultaneous studies inside or outside the lab setting.

Research Tools

The Cionic Research Kit is a robust set of tools for data collection and analysis. We leverage the latest data science technology and can provide integrations with most open source frameworks.

  • Cionic Research Hardware - Our hardware gives you fine-grained control over your data collection
  • Cionic Collection Apps - Our mobile applications offer the flexibility to perform your research in any environment and to customize your participant experience
  • Cionic Research Portal - Our web portal gives you all the tools you need for study management and data collection protocol definition, participant intake and anonymization, and data management and analysis
  • Remote Data Collection - Expand your potential participant population by eliminating colocation requirements. Remotely view live data streams and operate Cionic’s on-body hardware while simultaneously interacting with participants anywhere in the world
  • Cionic Protocol Builder - Use our predefined data capture protocols and visualizations or build your own custom interface
  • Jupyter Analysis Environment - We provide a hosted JupyterLab environment with Python data science libraries and Cionic’s standard analysis notebooks pre-installed
  • Automated Analysis and Reporting - Use Cionic’s pre-built motion, gait, and cycling reports or build your own to run automatically on each dataset to accelerate your research results
  • BYO Data and Tools - Cionic provides SDKs and REST APIs that allow you to incorporate external data into your studies as well as bring data collected on our platform into your own analysis environments
  • Technical Specifications

    The Cionic Research Kit includes:

  • IMU kinematics up to 400 Hz
  • sEMG muscle firing up to 4 kHz
  • Electrical stimulation (currently in development)
  • iOS and Android data collection apps
  • Research web portal for study management
  • HIPAA compliant patient management and data infrastructure
  • Intended Audience

    At Cionic we believe in collaboration and want to support your efforts to understand and improve human motion.

  • Academic Institutions - Our platform is currently used in IRB approved studies; we understand the need for rigor with research and academic publications.
  • Clinical and Healthcare - Cionic's platform is HIPAA compliant; we prioritize patient security, privacy, and trust, so you can improve your level of care.
  • Private/Corporate Partnerships - Our platform is extensible and integration is easy; we want to help you extend your product offering and make your solution available on our platform.
  • We currently have a limited number of research kits available. Tell us about your inspiring research and how our tools can help reach your goals.

    Your privacy is important to us. We don’t share your personal information with anyone.